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JC = Joe Cocchi
MT = Mike Thall

MT – Let’s start with the basics. How did you guys come up with the name Within The Ruins?
JC – We came up with the name so long ago, it was back when we were in high school. Actually a good friend of ours who was playing guitar with us at the time came up with “From Within The Ruins” originally. Once we made our MySpace page we dropped the “From” and the name just stuck. We actually considered changing it when we first got signed but decided we had already built somewhat of a fan base under that name.
MT – And that fan base keeps on growing. You guys write some heavy ass tunes. What inspires you?
JC – Thanks! Well I guess our 6 years or so of touring has definitely effected the way we write and sound now. “Heavy” just works really well for us in a live scenario, so we do concentrate on that aspect. Most importantly we try to balance our sound so there’s a little bit for every listener. We’re always striving to push boundaries in this band. “Heavier, faster, louder” is a pretty common old school “heavy metal” motto I guess we’ve adopted from bands we looked up to as we were learning to play our instruments.
MT – Speaking of inspirations, Within The Ruins is a BIG name in the eyes of many metal heads. Any tips for aspiring musicians?
JC – It’s really awesome to see bands appreciate and take inspiration from our music. That was my dream the first day I picked up a guitar! You have to take risks, you have to set goals, you have to make sacrifices and you will see results.
MT – Definitely can see the results through your latest album “Elite”. Can you tell us about that album and what went into creating it?
JC – The album means a lot to us honestly. We worked so hard on it, and went through a lot of shit during the process of writing and recording the album. As a band and as friends we all struggle together with this lifestyle and I think a lot of emotion ended up in the album. The longer this band lives, the stronger we get, and it feels great to be able to channel through our music. We’re proud of how the album came out and glad our fans are enjoying it.
MT – Do you have any favorite tracks from the record?
JC – Depends on the mood I am in, but “I, Blaspheme” “Solace” and “The Charm” still stand out to me even after a few years of listening to all these songs.
MT – How do you feel about the response to “Elite”?
JC – It’s overwhelming. Which is awesome. Our fans are true and it seems they are growing with us as our music slowly changes, which doesn’t always happen.  Fans and aspiring musicians tell us they look up to us. People tell us our music and lyrics inspire them. Hearing shit like that is what keeps us going!
MT – We know you guys tour a good bit. About how many times has Within The Ruins hit the road over the years?
JC – So many times that I can’t even remember all the tours we’ve done. Were truly a DIY band. We started touring on our own with no label, no booking agent etc back in 2006. We did that for a solid 3 years, 6 months out of the year, because we liked the experience. We didn’t make shit for money, we didn’t care. Obviously we’ve been lucky enough in the past few years to finally start to land legit tours. We’re on the road 9 months out of the year now and still loving it. We’re on our 5th touring van now and it has over 300k miles on it if that gives you any idea haha
MT – That’s intense! And you’ll be heading out with After The Burial, The Contortionist (unfortunately without Johnathan Carpenter), Glass Cloud, and City In The Sea on The Road to New England Metal Fest Tour soon. Are you stoked to be playing that and New England Metal Fest?
JC – Of course! Road to metal is a great line up and great group of dudes to tour with! As far as new England metal fest goes it is such an honor and accomplishment for us to be a part of. I grew up attending the fest as a fan!
MT – What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?
JC – I gained 30 pounds the first year we started touring because we partied and ate like slobs haha
MT – That’s legit haha. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
JC – Tour, tour, tour! We have some good tours lined up for the summer. They will be announced soon!
MT – You heard it people! Go see Within The Ruins! Now here’s the fun round. The dude from the “Elite” cover pops up and grants your band one wish. What are you wishing for?
JC – Tour with Metallica.
MT – I would go see that… twice. Those are all the questions we have. Thanks for your time! Any shout outs you want to give?
JC – Thank you! Shout out to Josh Wickman at Dreadcore Productions for making this album sound insane! Thanks to all our fans for the support!

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