Boris The Blade is a relatively new, furious five-piece deathcore unit coming from Melbourne, Australia. Putting themselves in the wake of success earned by Australian Deathcore units like They Art Is Murder, Make Them Suffer, Signal The Firing Squad and Aversion Crown, they’ve added themselves to the already substantial and brilliant local metal scene. I’ve mentioned this in other segments, but Australia has one of the most interesting and successful metal scenes in the world right now (did somebody say Parkway Drive? Northlane? Deez Nuts? every other amazing Australian band?).

They earned their place in Australian metal with the 2011 debut EP “Tides of Damnation”, and shortly after completed their line-up with guitarist Roman Koester (former The Red Shore). Now, they’re working on new material. As a sign of this, Boris The Blade recently released their new single “Malevolent”. It’s a ruthless blast-beat assault! Packing in aggressive insanity from all members, this one is a winner.

Boris The Blade are definitely setting themselves as one of the most promising, recent Australian metal groups. So give them a listen below and show some support!


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