Formed in late 2010, Belgium’s very own Now, Voyager are aiming to take the Metal / Hardcore world by storm. It’s safe to say this band is filled to the brim with talent and potential, bringing a tight and chaotic mix of Hardcore music fused with some mathy elements. Rumor has it they’re insanely good live too.

Now, Voyager just released a music video for the track “Where We’ll Start” (sponsored by Monster and Jager!). Set in a classic-style theater, it starts out rustic before bitchslapping you with a hardcore edge. The video plays out with high energy and a relentless spirit. Definitely give it a look / listen down below. Great stuff \m/

This is a brand new track suggesting there’s a lot more where that came from. In fact, there’s a series of studio updates coming out from the band spilling the beans. So if you’re interested, definitely check those out.

Beyond that, you can also check out their debut EP, “Seas”, on Bandcamp or grab it from their official store.

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