Red Seas Fire just released the “Eposition” EP, a four-song striking assault that is meant to serve as the first of three EP installments that will combine into a full-length feature. As anticipated, Red Seas Fire have broken through the grime with their signature style of hard hitting flurries and graceful maneuver.

The phrase “float like a butterfly sting like a bee” can be put to proper use in illustrate Red Seas Fire. “Exposition” begins with the song “Fortress,” a racing stream of fast paced grooves, very firm and in your face ;) Towards the end of “Fortress” Is where Adam “Nolly” Getgood’s (Periphery, ex-Red Seas Fire) mixing and mastering comes into play, guitars sound amazing, although I wish some of the back layer effects were made more apparent. A new feeling is added to a repeating technical rhythm by the use of an ambient synth sound and delightful guitar scratching. The vocalist, Robin Adams, does a great job at shifting the attitude of a song when jumping between cleans, growls and anguishing strains. “Exposition” is an excellent display of vocal performance.

Following ferocious “Fortress” and “Turner and Hooch” an equally invigorating song filled with ups and downs, is “Of Motion.” The third track is a softy but goody, not quite as “firm” but still in your face ;) “Of Motion” has layers of clean singing atop tons of ambience and electronic drums sounds creating a very uplifting interlude piece, aka the “float like a butterfly” characteristic of Red Seas Fire.

“Exposition” rings out with “A Life We Used To Know,” a seemingly more melodic tune thriving in the floating category before stinging half-way through with a catchy thumping riff, eventually carrying itself away. This EP is a certain step forward for Red Seas Fire in all areas, particularly song structure, drumming, and with Nolly Getgood as a mixer rather a basser their sound is absolutely booming.

“Exposition EP” is free for download as well as full streamed on youtube, so go check out part 1 of 3 fo free! For fans of Corelia, The Safety Fire, Periphery.

– Tyler Dermitt

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