Today is a one ridiculously solid Tuesday in the metal world. Three extremely notable releases drop today and there’s plenty more including the first Black Sabbath album featuring Ozzy in like a million years. Today is a day for buying metal.

The Black Dahlia Murder are death metal legends at this point in their career. 2011 album “Ritual” was a fantastic work of modern death metal, influenced both by the American death metal scenes of Florida and New York and the Swedish melodic death metal scene. The Black Dahlia Murder have 100 percent forged a completely unique and awesome signature sound. Metalblade records released a temporary stream of the bands newest album released today, titled “Everblack”, and I can assure you this album will not disappoint. The signature sound is further honed and expanded on. This album is worth your money. Buy it.

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Instrumental, progressive, “adventure metal” band Scale the Summit is back again with their newest album “The Migration” out today! This album features some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a long time. Single “Atlas Novus” is just ridiculous. These guys are immensely talented players ad songwriters. “The Migration” clearly is a very large step above all of Scale the Summit’s previous work. The production on what I’ve heard so far is also fantastic and a new high point for the band. Overall “The Migration” looks to be a fantastic album. Fans of instrumental music, melodic playing, and progressive metal should get in their cars, begin moving to a record store by whatever mode of transportation you favor, immediately and purchase this new album.

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Children of Bodom are back, and this time with a higher content of your daily requirement of metal. The melodic death metal veterans return with “Halo of Blood” today. Much controversy has surrounded CoB and their recent releases. The previous albums certainly haven’t had the same drive and fury that the original CoB had that made melodic death metal classics. This time, Alexi Laiho and cohorts have released a record that looks to have a little more oomph. The black metal influence on lead single “Transference” gives a pretty solid indication that Children of Bodom has delivered with this one. This is another album worth buying.

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