Auras are back with a new track! The “Panacea” EP carved the rolling hills of disarray on which the Canadian tech-groovers now stand strong. With an elevated platform from the top of the world’s “fastest-forming-figurative mountain range,” Auras new song “Adverse Condition” plows from top to bottom like thunder through a valley.

“Adverse Condition” reassures lovely patterns and playful face smashing, but in a seemingly darker manner. I sense a boosted brutal factor here, an improvement brought on through slight changes in production, but accentuated by Eric Almeida’s vocals. But for those uninterested in vox, or feel like free-flow screaming to Auras, there is an also an instrumental version provided on Bandcamp.

Check out Auras and absorb all the groove you can. Coming up is a brief Canadian tour alongside Ever Forthright. Exciting stuff eh?

– T.D.

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