Wanna play guitar in a band with Doc Coyle from God Forbid? Of course you do, here’s your chance. The guitarist responsible is God Gorbid’s crushing guitar work is forming a new band and is seeking out a like-minded guitarist to join him. This isn’t going to a rehash or run of the mill metal project. No this one is gonna be a rock band. But a progressive or experimental one it seems. Doc has sighted Tool, Muse, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Karnivool as influences, so I think you can figure out what to expect here.

Doc seems to have a very specific fantasy guitarist in mind. No it’s not Kirk Hammett. Doc has set out, through his blog that I linked down below, some guidelines for those who would like to try out. Here they are:


“I am very picky about what kind of guitar player I want in this project, so I will lay out some guidelines. You need to live in the area between New York City, Central New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Rehearsing and playing gigs will require travel so the person must have a car. You need adequate and professional equipment including effects. The band is very ambient and will need someone who understands and likes to create soundscapes. There are some technical aspects to the music as well so you will need some chops. I have to emphasize that this is a rock band, not a metal band. I would prefer a non metal guitar player, but I’m fine with anyone as long as you understand it’s not about sweeping picking at 220 BPM and playing 8 string guitar breakdowns. Our influences for this band are Tool, Muse, Deftones, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Karnivool, etc.”

“It’s also important that I emphasize that this is a passion project. We are here for music and art first, and being signed or getting on the radio takes a back seat to doing something that is meaningful and being part of something that is special.”


If you’re interested in trying out you need a written or video statement about yourself, a photo, and either audio samples of recorded music or a live video of yourself. These need to be sent to [email protected] So get those submissions in so the world can hear this new music.


Links: God Forbid Facebook // Sample Music // Doc’s Blog Post