Legendary Death Metal band Morbid Angel seems to be aiming to redeem themselves and restore some respect in the eyes of fans. After 2011’s creative letdown “Illud Divinum Insanus” the band received a lot of negative feedback. The guys quickly saw themselves jump from revered legends to washed up, overly successful hacks in the eyes of many of their fans. The infamous album brought many comparisons to Metallica’s universally hated “St. Anger.” I happen to like the Metallica letdown more than the Morbid Angel letdown but whatever.

Anyways, Morbid Angel are looking to restore their legendary name and bring the fans back to the band. Or at least I assume so. Morbid Angel has announced that they will be performing their album “Covenant” in full on their next tour. This will be in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the album. Or maybe “Illud Divinum Insanus” killed their ability to move tickets and they need some money. I dunno. Either way, here is the official press release:

“World Management and Morbid Angel would like to announce the 20th Anniversary of Covenant–United States Tour 1993-2013. The tour is to be a celebration by the Masters of Chaos of their legendary biggest selling release, the album “Covenant”. In 1992, Morbid Angel was the first Extreme Death Metal band to be signed to a major label (Giant Records / Warner Brothers) and “Covenant” was to be their first release on that label in the USA. The album was released on June 22, 1993 and went on to garner great critical and commercial success. On tour, the band will play the “Covenant” album in it’s entirety and after a short intermission some additional surprise classic cuts. Further, there will be special commemorative items produced exclusively for this tour. All advance Tickets will go on sale July 19, 2013.”

So there ya go, keep looking out for details. Check the Morbid Angel links out for ticket sales when they launch.


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