Another Tuesday, another group of notable new releases. Check em out.

Thrash metallers Battlecross are back with what so far sounds like another awesome release. Thrashing riffs, killer, gritty vocals, awesome guitar melodies and shred and overall solid songwriting are what makes these guys worth the listen. Thrashy, headbang inducing and fun are the best ways I could describe Battlecross’ music. Just check it out, it’s definitely worth it.


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And now for something totally different. Rise Records melodic metalcore/post hardcore band Like Moths to Flames are releasing their sophomore record “An Eye for an Eye” today. This record isn’t really my thing, and feels definitely more melodic and less hard hitting than their first album, but the band definitely has some upside. The riffs, when they’re present, are pretty solid and heavy and I definitely enjoy them. I don’t feel like there are way too many breakdowns, but I didn’t really dig into their new or old material. And the singer is also more manly than most Rise singers. That’s a plus. Also they wrote the lyrics “I don’t give a fuck about the way you’re feeling.” That’s cool. Check this out if it’s your thing.


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Last up is the newest release from grimy death metal band Coffins. The quartet’s fourth album is due out today. The title is “The Fleshland” and it definitely is one of the heavier, slower and sludgier death metal releases I’ve heard so far this year. I have to be honest, I’ve never really delved into any Japanese metal at all and I seemed to have missed out with Coffins. Their sludgy, grimy take on death metal honestly is very compelling and keeps me listening much more effectively than a lot of their contemporaries. I’m excited for this one. Check out the stream below and pick this one up.


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