There are too many times where I have stressed that there are just too many Hardcore outfits. And this does not apply for just a single geographical area, I suppose, any given scene (for the lack of a better word) has an abundance of gang-chanting, palm muting, angry musicians. However there are few that manage to leave a mark. And Noyze Akademi would be one of them. Hailing from my hometown, Calcutta, IN, Noyze Akademi is one of the oldest names in the community. Starting out as a Nu-Metal outfit early in 2009 these guys went on to command a massive following. However, line-up inconsistencies led to a hiatus for a short period. 2011 saw them come back in a big way only to reach a second a second deadlock owing to inner conflict within the band. Be it the urge to get their sound across borders or to just stick the naysayers where the sun doesn’t shine, the band is back with a new, stable line-up and a polished, face-melting Hardcore avatar. They dropped a new single off their upcoming debut which is presently up for grabs on their Soundcloud page. You can also find an older rendition of their track “G-Spot”, from when they were a 4-piece, below.

Noyze Akademi combines the best of modern Hardcore. With tastefully executed cleans, melodic keyboard samples, and chops that would do bands like Emmure and As They Burn proud “There Is No Yesterday” is a perfect amalgamation of Post-Hardcore and electronica infused Modern Hardcore. The icing on the cake would be the riffing which is roughly in the veins of Glass Cloud, and the breakdown which is nothing short of the nightmares that moshpits at NA’s live shows are made of.

Noyze Akademi is Maharshi Das on Guitars, Subhodip Banerjee on Bass, Anuvab on Vocals, Sunny on Drums, and Aitoreya Mukherjee on Keys. This is with Maharshi and Sunny being the only original members left. Noyze Akademi plan to make an early 2014 release.

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Soundcloud