It’s been more than one year since the release of the Humanity’s Last Breath single “Animal”, which was published to give the fans an idea of the new sound they were working on. They ended up revealing a new dark and heavy threat to the world growing in the cold darkness of Swedish forests.

In the meantime, Humanity’s Last Breath got signed to Rouge Records America and finished the composition of a massive work which looks likely to be one of the heaviest albums of the year. The band has been working with the uncomfortable and stressful bundle of being continuously compared with Vildhjarta, but always looked aware of their own creative potential. They’ve now constructed a smashing album ready to crush eardrums on September 24th.

And we have some material to prove this already. After the single “Animal”, The Circle Pit premiered the new single “Void” and the band has also uploaded a live video for another song called “Bellua”. If this is not enough for you, snippets from every song on the album are available on Go check them out and try to keep your jaw from dropping. Remember the Armageddon date – September 24th 2013. Brace yourselves.


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