First Impression – Ohhhh great, another djent band with a pluralized name.

First Listen – Ohhhh shit!

Earlier this month a new band emerged from France. Perspectives is their name… Initially, I had very low expectations (aside from the incredible artwork haha) but now I understand why the band is soooo damn awesome.

Turns out Max Michel is the guitarist. I know many of you probably don’t recognize the name… yet. Max is the only guitarist to play alongside the experimental French project The Algorithm. In other words, he’s a guitarist capable of playing the “impossible” like it’s nothing. MAJOR chops here. He’s accompanied by guitarist Pierre Danel in delivering some serious technical damage.

Our friends over at just posted up an exclusive guitar play through teaser with these stringsmen and it provides some very tasty shred. Check it out and show some love.

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Soundcloud