I’ve been a big fan of Ever Forthright since their inception. In the past we’ve been fortunate enough to work with and successfully promote them. So naturally, I was pissed to come home from vacation only to learn that they were gipped big time.

Apparently the band entrusted approximately $3,000 to Myriad Records to be placed in a high interest account. This was done in case of an emergency situation. Well… the emergency situation came and went and Myriad Records essentially failed at returning that money back to the band. It has been presumably lost (?) or stolen. Ever since this situation has been made public, all Myriad Records social networking and stores have ceased to function. Sketchy much?

Crooked business aside, Ever Forthright has successfully made an attempt to raise that money via crowdfunding (currently at $4,398). The campaign continues and your contributions yield hilarious results. I highly recommend that all EF fans take advantage of this while it lasts. Check the crowdfunding video along with some music below and contribute HERE.

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