Residing in Rochester, Steve Utley is a guy who likes to groove. This is evident from just about everything he’s done. And he does it well. This is a solo project with some *umph* for all the groovy people out there who like the d word. Djust a sugdjestion.

About a week ago Steve dropped a track called “A Modern Product” which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD through Soundcloud. Take a quick look around that profile and you’ll notice he has more tracks for the taking. This includes “Sexist In July” (Texas In July… not so much) and djenty recreation of the Workaholics theme song. Good for a laugh or two.

On top of this, he put out a completely atmospheric album last year on Bandcamp. Submerge your brain in some soundscapes. It’s healthy.

And as per usual, if you enjoy let Steve know. He only has 25 likes on Facebook currently. Let’s make that a bigger number.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // FREE DOWNLOAD