After releasing one of the most incredible metalcore albums of 2010 with their debut “Maelstrom”, Khaorah have finally unveiled new music! The French band released their anticipated four track EP entitled “Pangaea” on November 11th. After giving a few good listens, it’s safe to say it’s impressive.

The EP has been released digitally for purchase on iTunes. But if you want to break it in before you buy, your ears are in luck! “Pangaea” has been made available for streaming in it’s entirety on Spotify and other services such as Deezer.

The incredible fact is that the band has been making huge steps in achieving an even better sound than their debut. This honestly went beyond my expectations… and to be frank, my expectations were lofty.

Just listen to the opening track “Enhance Your Existence”. The guitar work is beautiful, clean and detailed. The track is morbid and heavy at the same time. Huge atmospheres and perfect synths included. The new vocals gave me some doubts when I first heard the teaser. But now that I hear the finished product, it sounds really impressive. Lionel Forest has managed to bring this band to an even higher level. You can hear it clearly from the first track and from the following song “Architects Of Our Destiny” – a splendid 7 minute ballad which is truly touching in every segment.

Things get heavier and much more groovy with track 3, “The Wrong Cycle”. It unleashes a more common side of this band without being banal. The final track “Numbers” works amazingly as an atmospheric outro for the EP.

“Pangaea” is a short but intense melodic metalcore experience with big prog influences from one of the most underrated bands of the amazing French metal scene. This band should surely emerge and get the much deserved recognition as one of the more interesting upcoming acts of the continent.

You can grab “Pangaea” here. And don’t forget the entire EP is available for streaming on Spotify!


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