Krimh is the name of the one man band we’ll be looking at today. This is a project by Kerim Lechner, a super-talented Austrian instrumentalist putting together his creative musical elements of instrumental metal, ambient and acoustic sounds.

He started playing drums in 2003, having played in several bands since, and then taught himself to play guitar and bass. He then started uploading covers of metal songs and more material on a YouTube channel. He gained such notoriety from this that the Polish death metal legends Decapitated contacted him to replace their late drummer Vitek (RIP).

After several tours and an album released with Decapitated (“Carnival Is Forever”), he started working on this solo project and the result is his debut album called “Explore”. This is a magnificent and unforgettable underwater adventure pulling in elements of progressive, black, and death metal with memorable atmospheres and amazing creativity. The album was released at the end of September and can be entirely streamed on Krimh’s Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase it for just 7 euros ($9.48).


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp