Here are three releases you should look into this Tuesday.

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Sometimes all you want is an album you play ten times in an hour and still have some time left. Sometimes all you want to listen is a band whose entire existence is dedicated to a rookie baseball player from Cuba and whose name is a play on words involving legendary grind band Pig Destroyer. Okay well maybe not. But if by chance you do, I have the band for you.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp

British heavy metal legends, Saxon, produced a series of alternative takes on classic favorites to herald a worthy new entry to the Saxonian Institute of Metal on their new album, “Unplugged and Strung Up.” It’s set for release today! Unplugged and Strung Up reveals layers and pieces previously dormant in many of the 14 classic Saxon songs chosen for this makeover, thanks to some ear-catching new arrangements and mixes. Give it a go.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes

Ghost has been building up a lot of hype recently with their obscure “darkened Beatles” sound. And with said classic pop influenced sound, here’s an oddball release. “If You Have Ghost” will be entirely a covers EP from the band. It includes covers of Depeche Mode, ABBA, Rock Erickson, and more.

This was done is association with Dave Grohl (The Foo Fighters, ex-Nirvana). Also turns out you can now stream this entire EP! Head over to to give it a listen. “If You Have Ghost” hits stores today.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes