As some of you know, Aristeia’s first release, “Era of Omnipotence,” was a next level 6 track EP. Two years later, San Fernando Valley’s Aristeia graces us with a full length display of technical-progressive-groovy shred. “Demoralization Of The Luminary” is 9 tracks, all unique and downright heavy.

“Demoralization Of The Luminary” opener “Branch Bane” wastes no time, spinning into a riff and flashing a preview of staggered and bouncy double bass thumps. A signature sound that Aristeia throws down better than anyone. Track one wraps up with an encompassing groove and carries the good vibes into “Permanent,” where things get even more serious. “Permanent” is crammed with riffs of a demonic demeanor. The diversity and dissonance in a single guitar riff is incredible.

“Chapters” has such a cool intro, as it progresses into an ambient breakdown segment. The drumming on the whole album is insane, but something about the percussion on track 3 is extra mesmerizing. Everything goes out the window when “Scripted Demise” begins. Track 4 is possibly the song most similar to Aristeia’s first release, also a great song to blast in a car while ignoring speed limits, and sometimes gravity.

Other highlights of the album are the impossible rhythms of “Cutting Emotional Ties,” “Somniare,” the instrumental goddess and successful successor to “Green Dream,” and then the album’s rightful finisher, “Trogdylte,” a track dedicated to comforting ambiance over madness.

Aristeia’s Jordan “Kirby” Ibarra is a top notch vocalist and one of my personal favorites, with a high scream like no other, and a creative vocal pattern. It seems that even when the guitars are smooth grooving with ambiance the vocals and drums keep it brutal. “Demoralization of The Luminary” is full of re-play value for there are many musical gems to be discovered and appreciated. In my opinion there is not too much to dislike about the album. It’s a no bull shit, 9 track CD with great artwork. They have taken many steps forward while keeping a strong connection to their first release. I’m sure this album will catch on in a huge way. Another huge plus is that they sound ridiculous live in the videos on youtube.

For fans of Fallujah, Volumes, Entities, and As Blood Runs Black. Looks like the album is set to drop December 31st.

– Tyler


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