Periphery’s guitarist Jake Bowen is about to release a solo album very soon. However, if you hope to hear big guitar grooves and heavy stuff, you’re on the wrong way. Nevertheless, this is still something awesome! In fact as we wait for Periphery to drop their new EP “Clear” and hear Jake’s song featured in it as well, the guy decided to tease us with a preview of the solo material he’s been working on.

To give you an idea… remember the electronic interludes featured on both Periphery albums? Or even what you heard in the track “Epoch”, featured in their latest album? Well, imagine that kind of material extended into a 10-track album. Yep, we’re talking about an electronic album, mostly based on ambient and glitch music. Jake was actually responsible for most of the electronic interludes on the Periphery albums. If you give a listen to the preview you’ll hear it’s some chilly stuff and featuring almost no guitar, just some small touches in a few parts.

As I hinted, a small preview of each track has been uploaded to Jake’s SoundCloud profile, where you can also listen to a ton of amazing stuff along with the full versions of 3 songs that will be featured on the album (even though they’re not probably in their definitive album version: “Angry God”, “Productable” and “Ligatures”).

The album is scheduled to come out in Summer 2014. Go give a listen if you enjoy electronics and Periphery atmospheres! Also, stay tuned on both Periphery’s and Jake’s pages to know when pre-orders will be available

Links: Jake Bowen Facebook // Periphery Facebook // SoundCloud