Mere days before the official release of their new EP, CHON have opted to stream “Woohoo!” in it’s entirety online. Not only does the EP have an awesome title, the music itself is awesome (not exactly a shocker there). Stylistically, it’s slightly varied from their previous material while managing to stay within the same vein. For example, the track “Ecco” includes clean, Incubus-esque style vocals while other tracks incorporate the use of acoustic guitar. All of this is done while keeping up the chill Californian vibe this band is renowned for.

It’s fully recommended you sit back and click the “play” below. If you’re looking to own this magnificent music, then let it be known that pre-orders are officially available HERE!

Also, if you’re able, you should catch CHON on tour with Animals As Leaders, After The Burial, and Navene-K. Ironically, I just went to the Baltimore, MD show on this tour and it was incredible. Period.

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