Here's something completely brutal… Coprocephalic has been doing damage with their brand of Brutal / Atmospheric Death Metal. And they've only just begun… Their debut "Gluttonous Chunks" literally blew away those who heard it last year. Stream the effort below and you may just see why. And now for the follow up…

This Taiwan / Californian unit was just signed to Lacerated Enemy Records to continue their conquest. This will be done through their upcoming EP, "Desolation of Conjoined Embodiment" which is due out quite soon, actually. June 12th to be specific. And just to up the ante, they have a sophomore full-length album coming out little more than a month later on July 31st. How is that for a release schedule!?

Last but not least, Coprocephalic just dropped a new song / music video for the upcoming title track! Give that brutal beauty a listen through below \m/

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