This might not be exactly the kind of music our followers will love, but I'm sure some of you will appreciate this. Ancients (not to be confused the American Death/groove metal act of the same name) is a British band formed in 2010 by members Rinoa, *Shels, Mahumodo and Crydebris. What they play is some amazing music essentially based on ambience and atmosphere, almost fully instrumental, with influences from ambient music, space rock and post-rock.

The emotions this music has been able to raise inside me are simply incredible and hard to describe. I really hope it will do the same for you. That's why I decided to share this music with all of you and talk about it here.

The band's only release so far is called "Star Showers Of The Euphrates". It was actually released back in 2012. It serves as a patient, relaxed and focused listen that's strongly recommended to all you. You can easily stream the whole album through YouTube (look below) and purchase on Bandcamp. Go give it a listen and support the band if you like it!

I don't really know if they're still working together. Though at the end of 2013 it looked like there was something new on the way. But alas, it has yet to come out. Really hope they'll be back soon.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp