Time passes with increased speed as you get older.  When i was a youngster every summer holiday always seemed impossibly distant, regardless how how soon they actually were.  But now as an adult, with house, job, wife and mortgage time is moving faster than ever.  It only seems like yesterday that we bought our early bird tickets for HellFest and now it is less than a week away, the abiding sensation is that barely a blink of an eye has passed.  But John, I hear you cry, what has this to do with your Coundown to TechFest ™; well gentle reader allow me to elucidate you: While Naomi and I are thrashing out to the likes of Behemoth and Iron Maiden in gorgeous French sunshine, I will be away from any kind of internet signal, leaving me unable to fulfill my TechFestian responsibility.  To fill the chasm that will gnaw into my countdown schedule I have upped the number of bands per installment from 2 to 3.

I know you can cope with the extra information, you won't even miss a step, you're heroic and I love you for it.



A cataclysmic symphonic cacophony, these Cumbrian lads make compelling, progressive metal, full of lucid phrasing and impassioned experiment, but with enough focus to deliver the goods melody-wise.  Their We Build Mountains album has been on steady rotation in my house for the past 2 months; packed with enough energy and variety to maintain the attention of the easily wearied listener.  It is well worth a electronic trip to their bandcamp page; and if you like it, why not chuck them a couple of quid.



The Safety Fire first made a name for themselves in the UK scene with the release of their critically acclaimed EP "Sections" in 2009 and their reputation as a powerfully energetic live band. They toured extensively across the UK with bands such as Malefice, Bleed From Within, and Rise to Remain as well as progressive metal bands Periphery and Monuments throughout Europe. The Safety Fire also appeared at Sonisphere UK in 2011.  Always exciting and experimental, they fit in the TechFest line up like hand in bespoke glove. 



Noise Trail Immersion is an upcoming Italian band capable of dementing the mind and steam rolling the senses. Their music could be summed up with a single word – CHAOS. This band provides coldy calculated mathematical attacks on a different plateau. This is the kind of music that suggests a wicked live performance that you simply cannot miss! We, at The Circle Pit, were proud to exclusively release the Noise Trail Immersion Self-Titled EP. Give them a go!




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– John Whitmore