Deep In Hate is a Parisian Death Metal / Deathcore unit creating some monstrous music. Their modern extreme metal feel is both coldly calculated and submerged in an unforgiving darkness. Since 2004, they've been sharpening their sound into something dangerous. One listen makes this quite apparent.

Their high-end talent has driven them to certain opportunities. Great example being that Deep In Hate is currently touring with Arch Enemy on the French leg of their European quest. Not bad at all \m/

But more importantly, Deep In Hate have released a brand new album "Chronicles of Oblivion" this week! This was done through the extreme legends at Kaotoxin Records. And through them, you can also stream the album in it's entirety and grab the goods on Bandcamp for a price none other than €6.66 EUR ($9.06 USD)!

Also be sure to check the music video for "Altars of Lies" featured below! Enjoy the heavy.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Merch // Bandcamp