Welcome to realm of reptilian gloom and doom. Or should I say a sludgy stoner doom? Genres aside, this is a band that may pique interest for a few of you. Emerging from Brisbane, Australia a few years back, this band has been slowly churning their way towards the ears of many.

Late last year, however, the band released their debut full-length aka "Lizzard Wizzard" (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree \m/). It consists of seven tracks spanning a good 35+ minutes.

That brings us to why we are featuring this band today in particular. Lizzard Wizzard has "Lizzard Wizzard" up for grabs as a "name your price" download on their official Bandcamp! All physical (cassette) copies are gone so show these Australian gentlemen some support and grab the music while you still can!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp