Widek is a one man band to keep tabs on. Hailing from Poland, he's been creating instrumentally driven Progressive Metal submerged in atmosphere for some time now. His latest album, "Outside The Universe", provides 16 whole tracks of greatness. That's a lot of damn music to devour! On top of this, Widek keeps his friends close bringing in several guest spots from artists such as Sithu Aye, Gru (another excellent Polish guitarist), Modern Day Babylon's Tomas Raclavsky, and Uneven Structure vocalist Matthieu Romarin.

I recently spoke with Widek with the intention of spreading his new music and here we are. Typically an instrumental artist, this particular track breaks from Widek's artistic norm. "Enter Through The Sun" was originally released instrumentally on his 2011 debut "Multiverse" but has since been updated to include the vocals of Matthieu Romarin and reworked guitar parts from both Widek and Gru.

Give the track a good listen below and be sure to grab the album on Bandcamp if you enjoy! (16 tracks for $6.80!? That's insanity! Not to mention "name your price" music to boot!)


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp