For all you fantasy nerds like me, the British black metallers of Bal-Sagoth have become iconic in the so-called "fantasy metal" realm. Their lyrics have such depth, telling epic tales and fantastical sagas. However, they have not released any music, (except for a demo re-released last year) since 2006.

But I am pleased to inform you nerdy virgins that Byron Roberts (vocalist) is currently writing books on the legendary Multiverse of the Bal-Sagoth Lexicon. The first two tales will be of the sword & sorcery subgenre in an anthology of two books which should be released early next year! Following the two stories will be a compendium volume of the rest of the legends and myth. There are already publishers interested, so this will hopefully be released sometime later in 2015. 

"With any luck, the coming months shall see the sagas of the antediluvian realm finally unleashed upon the world!"
 – Byron Roberts

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