Welcome Matt “Slime” Ferri (also of Coffin Dust) to the world of Exhumed. He will covering duties as a bassist and back up vocalist from this point forward. This should certainly help the band out on their upcoming tour with Carcass, Obituary and Noisem.

“A quick announcement before our Fall / Winter tour season gets started… We’d like to extend a very morbid and maggot-filled welcome to our new bassist / vocalist Matt “Slime” Ferri, who will be meeting all of you mutants on the road shortly. Matt replaces our good friend Rob “Bodybag” Babcock, who we wish all the best for in the future. We’re sure you’ll all make Matt feel welcome onstage (read: buy him beers) and all the guys in the band are psyched to bring you the latest and greatest version of Exhumed. Cheers from Harvey and the usual gang of idiots!”

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