The Safety Fire hit hard with last years "Mouth of Swords". Now they've opted to revisit that release with a softer, acoustic approach. In doing so, they've just released a new music video bolstering a reworked version of the track, "Wise Hands". They also stated via Twitter that "There may be more." In addition, they had the following to say:

“Growing up with bands like Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam during the era of MTV-unplugged, we have always had a fondness for acoustic interpretations and versions of songs. This was something we just did for fun but were really happy with how it turned out. With the music being stripped back we felt the video was a fitting portrayal.”

The acoustic track will be released as a digital single through InsideOut Music on December 16th. Stay tuned for more!

You can also skip to the 26 minute mark on the full album stream below to hear the original version. But seriously, just listen to the entire album if you haven't already. It was easily among the best Progressive Metal releases of last year. 2012's "Grind The Ocean" was beyond excellent as well.

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