Exciting and aggressive with the kind of tone that you'd sell your grandmother for, Neberu are cutting a distinctly unique swathe within the progressive metal scene. I was given the opportunity to ask them a few questions recently and here, ladies and gentlemen, is what ensued.

CP: What is your writing process?

It starts out normally where our guitarists write the main riff and the main structures of the songs. Once that is in place our drummer and bass player bring in their own ideas and changes, the details and subtleties will then be discussed by all of us together. When the musical part of a song is fixed, finally my parts begins. I compare ideas about the content with our guitarist and write the lyrics. When this is done everyone in the band reads the lyrics and if everyone likes it, the song is then complete.

CP: Your songs are all highly dynamic. How do you decide on the flow of intensity within a song?

We don’t have to decide about the flow, it’s a fact that comes through the writing process. We let the inspiration work and don’t think too hard about how the song has to be.

CP: When you write, which do you think about more; How it will sound on record or how a song will come across live?

We think about how it sounds on the record first I think. After the song is done we try to play it live at rehearsal. We try to play every song like it is on CD and make the live sound as best as we can. Sometimes we try to put some high intense parts in the songs that would work good live, but normally we think about the record sound first.

CP: You seem to have found a distinctive voice as a band very quickly, creating a sound that is uniquely yours. How would you describe the music you make? And what influences do you hear in it when you listen?

We've all got different musical backgrounds individually. Each one of us has come from playing another style of music, so I think that is an important fact for us. We all listen to totally different bands but try to mix up everything we like with our own recipe. We don’t know how the song will sound at the end of the writing process. Each member of this band has a big influence towards the final outcome of the music, which may not necessarily represent the styles and genres of music we personally like. Our private lives, families and friends are big influences though, I don’t know how I would describe our sound, maybe like modern metalcore with progressive technical aspects. Listen to our music by your own and create your own opinion, haha.

CP: Germany and Britain seem to be the driving forces of European Tech Metal, What British Bands are you guys into? And when will we see you in the UK?

There are too many good bands in Britain not only in the tech scene. It would take too long to list all of my favorite bands from the UK I’m sorry, haha. I don’t want you to get bored.
We have many plans for 2015, we have plans in place to get to the UK next year. Be prepared!

CP: How has adding an additional guitarist effected your live shows?

We always had two guitarists in the band. As our ex guitarist Andre leave the band we decided to get a new guitarists as soon as possible. We met Simon he was our fill in member for 2 shows and then became a fixed member and our new guitarist in Neberu. He is a hell of musician and a great person. It couldn’t become better as it is now. We love him like a brother and he already became an important part of Neberu.

CP: What's next for Neberu?

We want to finish our debut full length as soon as possible and present it live to the whole world. So try to tour as much as we can in 2015.

CP: If you could have either: A spaceship that could travel anywhere in the universe, or a Time-Machine that worked only on Earth, which would you choose?

Oh that’s a difficult question, I would love to have a spaceship that can travel through the time too if it’s possible. I love the secrets of the universe and the secrets of our human history both, so I would try to modify the spaceship to travel the time as well, haha.

– John Whitmore

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