The release of Periphery's new double album "Alpha/Omega" is slowly approaching and is now less than a month away. We definitely can't complain about a lack of teasers since we've already had a bunch of good glimpses of this new release. In fact, the band just released the 4th single today! It appeared on Sumerian Records YouTube channel with the title "Graveless". The song is taken from the "Omega" half of the release just like the second single entitled "The Bad Thing".

Together with the two singles taken from "Alpha" ("The Scourge" and "22 Faces"), these give us a sufficient amount of material to be legitimately allowed to be fucking excited for this new album! "Graveless" is the catchiest of the singles released so far, allowing Spencer to show off his amazing vocal skills through his new approach. And towards the end you'll be delighted by a lovely guitar solo. We have a remarkable diversity of styles between each song released so far, even though the latest two sound more similar. We still can't tell what the main difference between the two albums will be or if there actually will be one. "Alpha" and "Omega" still look like the best possible way to kick of this new year in heavy music!

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