California! Grizzly Productions and The Grizzly Den Present:

REIGN SUPREME FEST II *DEDICATED TO BRIAN SHIELDS RIP* and it features some of the best up and coming heavy bands out of Southern California. Here is the lineup:

Messenger of the Covenant, Legends Shall Fall (Comeback Show), On The Shoulders Of Atlas, Endings, Paradigm, KING, Anchors Overboard, AIL, Carried Weight, and I ATE EVERYBODY.

This is a great time waiting to happen. Go ahead and grab your tickets right HERE.

You can also follow the event on Facebook and show love to our friends at Grizzly Productions and The Grizzly Den.

We're honored to take part in this event in order to pay homage to a fallen legend and his legacy of love. We encourage you all to keep the intensity and passion flowing for the late Brian Shields. You are missed.

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