Rough around the edges but lined with good ideas, Espial Of Epimetheus is a solo project from the mind of Cody Stonebrook. He brings you on a Progressive Metal venture across the void through his debut album, "Elipson". The entire album is currently streaming on YouTube. You might just be pleasantly surprised by what's in store!

Here's Cody's description of the album's concept:

The album as a whole tells the story of a scientific expedition to the stars gone wrong. A team of scientists travel across the galaxies only to miscalculate their coordinates and land on a strange planet. After discovering they landed at point epsilon on their charts they decide to name the planet Elipson as a parody to their miscalculation. They soon realize they are not alone on this blue planet for they encounter fearful creatures that have formed a small but powerful civilization similar to the Mayan culture on planet earth. The scientists are captured one by one and brought to the Temple of Thuran (the matriarch of the creatures) and realize that they have become sacrifices to the gods. Some of the team is eaten as tribute to the sacrifices. Basically they have stumbled upon a cannibalistic group of inhabitants. As you listen to the album you will hear 2 lost radio transmissions from the last of the scientists left alive.. for the time being. Towards the end of the album feel their tragic end through the music and witness their transcendence into the heavens as they are cut short of life. This album is just one of two conjoined albums that will bring you the tale of tragic endings and new forms of life. Enjoy this full song as a preview to Elipson. Enjoy.

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