Inquinamentum is yet another brilliant project brought from the minds behind Spawning Abhorrence. It's pretty much the same band in a different setting, transitioning from Death Metal to Black Metal. Or maybe that's the other way around considering Inquinamentum came first. Either way, the results are brilliant!

Just this past month, they released a phenomenal full-length album entitled, "VOID". This is actually the band's third release since forming in late 2007. It's apparent that a lot of hard work and deep thought drives this band. Their compositional effort brings an excellent listening experience, regardless of the format. I'm personally a big fan of what they do.

Their latest and greatest "VOID" is now streaming in full right here, right now. So buckle up and press that "play" button!

If you enjoy the fruits of their labor, the album is available for a "name your price" download over on Bandcamp! Take advantage of this deal while you still can and show these guys some support through their various musical endeavors.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp