Following the misfortunes of little over a week past, blood has been boiling in the metal community. The band Nuclear Hellfrost really kicked the hornet's nest after a so-called "ex-member" vandalized Dimebag Darrell's grave then proceeded to brag about it on the internet. Following this and the consequential fallout, the band and said ex-member have backpedaled and apologized for their actions. In reality, this hasn't done much at all to slow the wave of hate which seems to know no bounds.

This has resulted in further misfortune and misinformation. For example, a handful of major metal websites were pointing their fingers in wrong directions, postings photos and information unrelated to the situation. Now, another band named Hellfrost (sans the Nuclear), residing several states away, has started receiving threats from livid Pantera fans for a situation they had no part in.

They responded as such:




The anger surrounding this situation is certainly justifiable. People want 5 minutes alone with Nuclear Hellfrost for good reason. Desecrating a grave in any manner is unacceptable. Desecrating the grave of a metal legend is just plain stupid. But if you're going to direct that anger somewhere, just make sure it's the right place.

Now, as we pack up and move on from this situation, here's some metal \m/