Adimiron is a hyper-talented band emerging from Rome, Italy. They've been going strong since 2004, releasing 4 albums to date. Sonically, they cover a number of styles ranging from Progressive to Death Metal. However, there is always an experimental dominance to be found in their music. The dynamics and sheer level of creativity found with Adimiron are hard to deny. When you add all these factors up, you end up with some excellent music itching to meet your ears.

We were previously honored to debut their fourth album, "Timelapse", right here on The Circle Pit. And that's an excellent album is you're looking for new jams to experience. Anyways, in support of "Timelapse", Adimiron have just released a brand new music video for the track "Ayahuasca" and it's a trip (ba dum tsk). Seriously though, give these guys a listen. You likely won't regret it.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp