From First To Last definitely know how to bring a comeback. They first announced Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo joined them as their new front man, re-recording their anthem "Note To Self" and then unleashing a new song capable of getting stuck in everybody's head: "Dead Trees" (also title track of their upcoming album). All the hype generated got them signed by Sumerian Records, possibly pushing up the expectations even more on this comeback.

A few days ago, the band announced the album will be released on April 28th and made pre-orders available, together with a new song called "Black And White". It's darker and heavier than the previous single, putting together catchier clean parts and darker (almost "djenty") riffs, more familiar to Sumerian Records' normal audience. The song still keeps what the band's traditional fans should love, and this new release is still sounding like something to look forward to.

Check out the new tune below, together with the previous single and the re-recorded version of "Note To Self". "Dead Trees" growing soon.

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