Mike Gianelli is a name to keep tabs on. Not only is he an extremely talented guitar player, he’s also a member of the infamous Bermuda and Dissipate as well. With 9-string guitar in hand, he has a habit of crushing even the most sturdy of eardrums to a pulp. We’ve seen this happen time and time again.

However, this time around it’s different. Mike Gianelli is working as a solo artist for the first time (or, at least, for the first time officially). He just dropped an all new EP today. It goes by the name of “Gravity” and it’s just looking to find your ears. Better yet, I can more or less guarantee the great people of The Circle Pit will love what they hear upon pressing “play”. And even better yet, the entire effort is currently available right here!

In support of all this, we’ve name Mike Gianelli our Artist of the Week. On top of that, we’ve just exclusively released the first track from the EP right here on The Circle Pit! Take a look below and be sure to listen up and show Mike your support. It’s much deserved.


Links: Facebook // Download