Here’s something you don’t run into everyday. With the exception of the famed Unlocking The Truth, that 15-year-old prog metal band I can’t remember the name of (sorry…), and that broken up 12 year old Deathcore band I can’t remember the name of either (sorry again…), this is probably the youngest metal band I’ve run into.

At the age of 14, this trio known as Acriter plays some cool Metalcore / Groove Metal music. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely room for growth but you gotta give big kudos to the kids with the metal spirit. Better yet, they’ve been doing this since they were presumably 9 years old, putting out EPs since 2011! Great stuff \m/

Their latest, self-titled effort is now live and streaming across the interwebs. It’s also available for FREE DOWNLOAD over on Bandcamp! Don’t sleep on these kids. They’ll be shredding your ears off soon enough!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp