Who’s ready for some hefty genre bending? This band will give you exactly that with a high level of energy to boot. Grizzly Knows No Remorse is band coming to you straight from Moscow. Their style is hard to define but boils down to a cross of Hardcore, Hard Rock, Punk, and a number of other musical approaches. When you add it all up, they have an awesome sound backed by a lot of talent.

This really shines through on their latest album with a most peculiar name and cover, “Fat Glasses And The Leather Mustache”. This record really captures the band’s high energy, off the wall spirit and crystallizes it through the 10 tracks brought forth. You really never know what will hit you next while listening but that’s what makes this album so much fun. It’s definitely one that’s worth checking out. And better yet, it’s available for only $1 (!) over on Bandcamp.

We recently teamed up with Grizzly Knows No Remorse to bring the chaos directly to you. “Fat Glasses And The Leather Mustache” is now streaming in it’s entire glory over on our YouTube channel! Give a listen for a truly one of a kind experience.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp