Watch Second To Sun​ slaughter the drums! Here is an exhibition from the band’s very own bringing his best on the band’s most successful outing to date, “Spirit Of Kusoto”. We’re talking grooves, blastbeats, and everything in between.

Second To Sun is continuing their underground legacy of excellence, single for single. A proud entity of the Russian metal underground, they’re proven to be quite prolific writing one creative aural assault after the other. They do not shy away from experimentation, taking a number of different sounds and sub-genres of metal to melt into one cohesive package. This includes stylings of modern metal, black metal, hardcore, progressive metal, etc all brought in an instrumental format.

Second To Sun is definitely a band worth checking out. You can also scope out plenty more material from Second To Sun over on Bandcamp and show additional love on Facebook! Any support is well deserved here.

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