Drewsif Stalin, the Viscount Baritone of all things Djent, today became the saviour of a particularly sour morning for myself. Sadly it wasn’t occasioned by greeting me at my door with a highly diverting series of songs demystifying my problems. But it was nearly as satisfying.

Drew has made a fool-proof guide to constructing your own Musical click-bait video. It steers you through the potential minefields of writing, assigning names to random movements and pleading with people you don’t know for inconsequential tacit approval. His advice is beyond sound and so easy to follow that the internet, currently in pristine condition, is sure to become sullied by the wanton dreams of every generation.

Thank You Drew. Your irreverence keeps us all grounded and rational.

Thall, or words to that effect.

– John Whitmore

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp