Rising from the depths of the ocean comes 3kenner. This is a German (aquatic) solo project with plenty of surprises laid in store. Stylistically, the music walks a line between high energy, positive progressive metal and peaceful atmospheres. You can even expect some heavy passages. When you take it all in, it’s like listening to a European seaside vacation… or an adventure, if you will.

This is shown in full on the debut release from solo artist Lutz aka 3kenner. The release, dubbed as “Instrumental Thoughts”, provides 7 tracks spanning the open waters of nearly a half hour. Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schnitzspan (ForTiorl), it turns out as a good listening experience.

Currently, we’re hosting the entirety of “Instrumental Thoughts” over on The Circle Pit YouTube. That means you can listen to whole thing right here, right now! Furthermore, if you enjoy the work of 3kenner, the music is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp with a similar deal on Soundcloud! Go forth and enjoy.


Links: Bandcamp // Soundcloud // YouTube