Periphery guitarist and mastermind Misha Mansoor (aka Bulb) has been experimenting with Orchestral composition of late. This is in addition to his many other projects including Haunted Shores, his solo project, recent cover songs, and of course Periphery.

While trekking into Orchestral territory, Misha has been making music themed for imaginary RPGs (That’s role playing games, not rocket propelled grenades). This makes sense given the man’s notable nerdom. Check out what he had to say along with the music below:

“I’m getting into Orchestral composition because I find it absolutely fascinating and there are so many amazing libraries out now that you can really get realistic results if you spend the time with it.

I still have a lot to learn, but I like to learn by doing, so this is one of my first relatively short attempts. The title should give away what I was going for. I like writing to imaginary Role Playing Games heheh.”

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