Independent solo artist DC Mills released his second full-length album under the name Vials of Wrath Sept. 8th. Entitled, “Days Without Names,” Vials of Wrath is a project that blends atmospheric, almost shoe-gaze qualities, with traditional black metal elements in the styles of Alcest, Agalloch, and Wolves In The Throne Room. Where Vials of Wrath is unique is in the fact that the lyrical content is based on a Christian perspective of nature – an adoration for it’s beauty, but with a contemplation of a divine creator and what our human experience reveals as we journey through life in the natural surroundings of forests, streams and mountains.

In support of this grand endeavor, we’ve opted to team up with DC to highlight on of the many highlight tracks on “Days Without Names”. More specifically, that track is #3 on the record “Revival of the Embers”. So, by all means, have a look below and enjoy the metallic experience \m/

If you enjoy the music as much as us and so many more have, be sure to check out the rest of “Days Without Names”. The album is currently streaming in its entirety and available for purchase over on Bandcamp! Huzzah!

Album art for “Days Without Names” was designed by well-known artist Sam Nelson. The album was mixed/produced by DC Mills at his own Fallen Oak Recording studio in Maryville, TN, and it was mastered by The Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN.


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