If you like Deftones, you’re going to like Silence Is A Virus. This band probably comes the closest to matching that unique sound out of everything we’ve ever heard. Actually, if you imagine a hybrid Deftones mixed with hints of the band Uneven Structure, you have pretty much unlocked the glory of Denmark’s Silence Is A Virus. That’s not to say this band is merely emulating. They bring a lot of feel and musical precision to call their own!

In total, Silence Is A Virus have put out three EP releases. They’re all as excellent as the next and fully worth a listen for those looking to vibe. As such, we’ve provide the Bandcamp streams for all three – “Imperial”, “Drab”, and the debut, self-titled effort  – newest to oldest for your listening pleasure down below! Two out of three are even available for a FREE DOWNLOAD. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp