We recently introduced Mentally Blind, seeing as they’re among the coolest bands to recently come out of Poland. Their weapon of choice is a mixture between Progressive Metalcore and a modern Djent sound. And their execution of this sound definitely ranges on the high end with great riffs and rhythmical attacks with melodic thinking to boot.

Following up their 2013 debut EP “Where The End Begins”, the band has crafted an all new release. It’s known as “The Perception” and it’s out now! It goes without saying that this EP rips from beginning to end. The band puts their full talent on display with these finely crafted aural attacks. If you’re fan of Progressive Metalcore, it could even be considered a must listen.

Right now, the band has the entirety of “The Perception” live and streaming on YouTube. You can find the video playlist down below. The EP is also very affordable, going at 10 PLN ($2.66) over on Bandcamp! Open your ears and go Mentally Blind!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp