UPDATE – The video is now online!

Rishabh Seen. That’s a name that all fans of metal music need to keep tabs on. Not only is the man unbelievably talented, he’s on the verge of creating something entirely new. He’s the true pioneer of using the sitar for metal music and it all comes across beautifully.

He was first recognized for his glorious covers for the Animals As Leaders tracks “Tempting Time” and “Wave of Babies” respectively. You can watch them both by CLICKING HERE or looking below.

In the wake of this, he got an enormous number of requests to cover a number of songs in a similar manner. Of these, the most popular was the rhythmical mountain that is Meshuggah’s “Bleed”. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen! Prepare yourselves for the 15th of this month when Rishabh’s rendition of “Bleed” will be available right here on The Circle Pit! It will truly be a one of a kind experience.

This will also be Rishabh’s final cover for awhile. His ambition truly lies in creating original and exciting music crossing over his unique style. So that’s precisely what he’ll be working on moving forward. It’s something that needs to be heard.

And finally, here’s what Rishabh had to say in regards to all of this:

A farewell to covers at least for a long time and its time to welcome some original music which comes after this. I shall make this memorable. Wait for it ~*~

This will be possible because of my man Josh Seguin! Thank you bro!

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