At this rate, it feels like we’re losing a band or two every week. Unfortunately, it appears as if Huntress is the next to join this list. They were one of those rare, modern Heavy Metal bands that could really hack it with their hybrid traditional sound. In their years of existence, they’ve built quite a name and legacy for themselves. It hasn’t been without hardships though. Frontwoman Jill Janus has been known to suffer from various mental and physical afflictions. That’s precisely why it appears to be the end of the line for the band. We wish both her and the rest of the Huntress musical corps the best of luck moving forward.

Here’s the statement left by Jill in regards to this:

The end. I told ya the Huntress Trilogy would fulfill my purpose. I’m packing it up. Maiden, Mother, Crone. I struggle through life with Bipolar, Schizophrenia & Dissociative identity disorders. I beat uterine cancer with a devastating hysterectomy. I will continue to create music. On my terms. Fuck the meaningless noise and trolls. My way, forever. Suck it. Done.

UPDATE – Following this initial statement. The band’s guitarist made a counter statement suggesting that the band isn’t done for.

Statement from Huntress guitarist Blake Meahl: Our vocalist Jill Janus posted an announcement last night that she was having difficulty dealing with devastating health issues. Four months ago she had major surgery to remove cancer from her uterus. She needs time to fully recover from her hysterectomy and to continue treatment for her mental health issues. Her bouts with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder have been particularly difficult lately and are ultimately responsible for her unfounded statement last night.

We will resume touring in December when Huntress joins Black Label Society 12/26-12/31. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Blake Meahl

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