India has been making their presence known more and more within the metal world. Whether it be bands like Skyharbor and Demonic Resurrection or the recent movement started by our friend Rishabh Seen mixing Sitar with Progressive Metal (WATCH HERE!). Hell, even one our long time writer, Aurko, hails from Kolkata. Great people all around!

The latest man combining Progressive Metal with traditional Indian music is Sagar Shinde. He’s an exceptional Tabla player who decided to tackle the Animals As Leaders track “Behaving Badly” head on. He emulates just about every single note the song has to offer through his percussional delivery. It’s really something to watch when you hang on every beat!

When Sagar first got in contact with us, we knew it was meant to be. That’s precisely why we opted to upload his cover for your viewing pleasure. Take a look below and enjoy the music!

Animals As Leaders: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Sagar Shinde: Facebook // YouTube